Unfortunately, CBI has decided to no longer continue making products. Therefore, we are in the process of finding comparable alternatives to our Green Facial Gelee and Calendula Cream. If you wish to be informed the moment we find these exciting, new products, subscribe to our mailing list here.

Listed below are all of the products we currently carry with descriptions and prices (not including tax).


Fresh Facial



The last of our CBI products, this is a lightweight, non-stripping gel cleanser suitable for all skin types.


Renew Serum.jpg



Helps stimulate mild exfoliation, improving the appearance of texture with Retinol, Glycolic Acid, and Salicylic Acid. Draws out impurities, minimizing the look of pores for clearer, refined skin.


Pumpkin Scrub.jpg

Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub

Physical and chemical skin polisher. Jojoba Beads combine with enzymes to gently slough away dull surface cells for a smoother, renewed complexion with the rich, delicious scent of pumpkin.


Raspberry Refining Cleanser.png

Raspberry Refining Cleanser


Foamy cleanser that rebalances and improves skin texture while purifying and restoring vitality to skin.


Glycolic Retinol Pads.png

Glycolic & Retinol Pads

Breaks up surface cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin while allowing trapped oil to release and come to the surface. Kojic and Arbutin lighten sun spots and scars left from blemishes.


Conditioning Hydration Cream

Conditioning Hydration Cream

Hydrates, strengthens, and fortifies combination, normal to dry, and dehydrated skin with an antioxidant-rich blend of moisturizing ingredients.


Daily Power C.jpg


Power C

Transforms skin's clarity with a high dose (15%) of Vitamin C. This powerful antioxidant serum provides daily anti-pollution and environmental protection while helping strengthen and brighten skin.


Clear Skin Clean.jpg

Clear Skin


Treats and prevents breakouts while leaving skin thoroughly cleansed. Environmentally-friendly, gentle scrubbing beads clear the skin’s surface to allow for optimum Salicylic Acid penetration.


Green Tea Cleanser.png

Green Tea Citrus Cleanser


Foamy cleanser that removes makeup and protects the skin from cellular damage while improving clarity and tone


Green Tea Serum.PNG

Vitamin C & Green Tea Serum


Revitalizes the skin with antioxidants and peptides which protects, brightens, and tones skin.


Purifying Gel Cleanser

Rinses away surface debris and impurities, deeply cleansing pores without over-drying or stripping oil. Purifies oily skin while leaving it soft and hydrated.


Daily Power C+.jpg


Power C+

Dramatically transforms skin with a powerful dose (20%) of Vitamin C and peptides. Provides antioxidant support and environmental protection to help strengthen, repair, and brighten skin.


Eye Restore 1.jpg



Antioxidant-rich eye cream formula infused with skin-strengthening peptides and nourishing vitamins to hydrate and diminish the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness.


Raspberry Scrub.PNG

Raspberry Refining Scrub

Polishes and energizes the skin while exfoliating and brightening to promote a clear, healthy skin tone. Best for oily or mature, thick skin.